Katie and Grace

Hello, we are two sighthounds who like to blog and Tweet.

I am Katie Whippet - I am a brindle and white whippet, who likes to sleep and eat. I do have some duties, I keep the sofa safe, bark at the bin men, steal and hide shoes and help the puppy evict cats from our garden.

I am Grace Puppy - I am Grace Puppy - I am not actually a puppy any more, but, because I am young, Katie Whippet calls me puppy. I like to whine and play. My duties are keeping watch for cats in the garden.

We live with Mummy, and two cats, Yazz Cat and Tom Cat and like to tell everyone about what we are getting up to.

Friday, 31 August 2012

Muddy Puddle Reportings

Ooo, Hello everyones, Grace Puppy do beings heres!

It be's quite excitings to days, becausings, I do beings goings for a walkings for the first times since Mondays and the 'Metal Guru' incident.

Mummy promised me I could be goings to be seeings Muddy Puddle - but, Mummy did beings silly and forgot to take any cameras!

So, you beings havings to takings my bark for it, that, Muddy Puddle is Huge! and do be back havings ducks on him!

We do be goings downs agains to see him tomorrows!  So will be takings Photos!

On walkings, we did be seeings a squirrel monster in a tree, and I did be doings chasings - and Katie Whippet did do chasings too.

So, just to keep you up dated, will be back tomorrows with photos......

Bye Bye for nows!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Metal Guru - Nom Nom and Vets.....

Ooo, Hello - Grace Puppy do being writings from the Vets!

I have been a very silly little Grace Puppy!

Mummy do be buyings specials dog pate, which beings in a metals tube.  She bes buyings it for a present to be givings a friend who do be havings a new puppy dog.  It be to be put insides of a Kong toy.  Just the pate paste, not the whole tube.

Firstly, I don't think that Mummy should be buyings Nom Noms for other dogs! With the exception of Eli, Loki, Shannow, Bizkit and Pippin - and maybes some of ours Twitter friends if we do be meetings thems at the GGG.

Secondly, She be puttings it on the Kitchen unit, wheres it do beings quite safe from use Hounds, but not that safes from Thomas Cat, who, being my partner in crime, did be doings the knockings it off the units.

It was Early Tuesdays mornings, and it was dark and quiet.  Thomas Cat, do be sayings, 'Ear, lookings what I do be findings' and he be sniffings at this tube.  I do be sayings to him - 'Lets have a look', and he be sayings, 'Only, if you be doings sharings?', I did be sayings of course I be doings sharings.  I then be carrying the tubes off to my den on the sofa.  Thomas do be shoutings after me - 'Ear, what about this sharings?'

The smell from the tube bes so Num Num, I do be quite eager to be findings what is inside the tubes.  I bite, and the metal does do splitting open - it is well Num Num, I cannot stop myselves! I do eatings - everythings - the whole tubes - except for the plastic lid!  That not beings Num Num.

I then be a little bit guilty - Ooo, what beings Mummy sayings?

I did not do goings upstairs to fetch Mummy for breakfast, as I do be knowings she be findings the metal bits and the plastic cap.

Mummy called me when she and Katie were gettings out of beds - I do goes upstairs, and does act normally.  When Mummy does be comings down stairs, she do be seeings a little bit of metal on the floor.  She do be picking it up, and seeings it is chewed, looks at me.....  Phew, she not be knowings where it came from.  But, then she be goings into the kitchens - Ooo, she has found the bag, Ooo, she bes seeings the tube has gone - Ooo, she be findings he plastics caps in my beds!

I be doings a lot of sittings and waggings of my tail.  Katie, be sayings to me - 'You What? You ate the whole things?, You beings a silly puppy pants!'

Ooo, I not be knowings what I had been doings, but apparently it is beings serious!

Mummy does phonings the vets!  Mummy does be phonings workings!  Mummy does be phonings her sister!  Ooo, what have I done?

Mummy does be stayings at homes today! Good job, I does beings sick at 12 noon, Ooo, I think that pate might have beings too rich, I do be sicking up metal bits too.....

Mummy does do takings me to the vets at 6 pm, Ooo, the vet is talking about x rays and surgery and endoscopes and operations.  Ooo, now she be talkings about food, high fibre, and tablets....Ooo, Mummy do be sayings tryings the highfibre and tablets to be helpings me get rid of the metal which is inside me.

Ooo, Mummy do be sayings she will be doings stayings at homes tomorrows too, to make sure everything does be coming out my bottom in my #pooclub.

Mummy does be doings lookings in my poos - How Rude! Ooo, it be looking to see that metal bits are coming outs.....

Thursdays Early Mornings

Ooo, I feel a little sick - Ooo, there does be something not agreeings with me - Ooo, I going to be sick puppy!  Ooo, that bes betters.  I thought those bits were a bit chewy.  I had betters be goings to tells Mummy.  Ooo, she does not be too happys - Ooo, she be sayings about vets and x rays agains!  Ooo, Noings! Vets! Ooo No!

Ooo, she be phonings the vets - Ooo, Noings!  Ooo, she be putting my harness on, Ooo, we might be goings walkings!  Ooo, going in the car.....? Ooo, where is Katie Whippet? Are we going walkings without Katie Whippet?  Ooo, noings, we cannot be doings that?  Ooo, Where is Katie Whippet?

Katie Whippet is doing barkings at the door!  Mummy going back in to get Katie Whippet...Phew.  Ooo, Noings, she be comes out agains without Katie Whippet - Ooo, Where is Katie Whippet?

Ooo, I do be knowings this place - it does be the vets.  Ooo, we have been called straight in!  Ooo, Mummy be sayings what I did be doings.  Ooo, Mummy bes goings! Ooo, I will go and have a lookings at this vets office place thens!

Ooo, I do be feelings a little sleepy.  Ooo, the vet nurse be sayings I do beings OKs, Ooo, she be sayings I was a good girlings, because they only had to give me a pre-med to be doings my x rays!  Ooo, she be doings sayings, that I only have little bits of metal beings remainings now insides me, and I should beings OKings! Carry on with the rice fibre I supposings!

Ooo, I think I will do catching up on my Blog whilst I be in hospitals vets - as I have my own iPad thingy - and I will  not be so board whilst waitings for Mummy to be comings to picks me up.  She might bring Katie Whippet with her.....

i-pad thingy, Mummy does be doings paintings

Black Berry Bunch

Thoughtful Grace Puppy

Grace Puppy

Bee on Bramble flowers (spot the bee)

Bramble barb
Katie Whippet

Sleeping Whippet

Thomas Cat

Dog Rose

Sunday, 19 August 2012

New Friends, Zoomies and The Wall....... (Ooo, and Muddy Puddle too)

Ooo, Hello, Grace Puppy Here,

Today bes excitings agains, becauseings we be makings new friends.  Mummy's Nephew, has moved in with his girl friend, and she has two little dogs - called Prince, who is 3 months old, and barks a lot, and Ruby who is 3 years old, and barks a lot!

They being friendly, once they be stoppings barkings at us.  Katie did be doings Growlings at Ruby, as she be gettings to close to Katie treat, which Katie did not eat, but guarded.

Sayings Helloings

I did do playings with Prince, and Ruby did be doings barkings - Mummy be takings some photos, but, most of them are just a blur, as Ruby and Prince, never bes stoppings for snoozing, we do be having to teach them how to do snoozing, Hound Style!


Ruby (sniffing my bum - How Rude)

Yesterdayings we be testing Katie Whippets Pedigree Joint Care+ progress, with the sports challenge of Zoomies.  Mummy be doings taking pictures on the i pad thingy.

I do be starting the show by doing flying Zoomies with my squeaky cola bottle in my mush.

Mummy then be taking a photo of my doing funny things with my back legs - dropped the cola bottle as Katie takes up the chase.

Stand off! I challenge Katie to super Zoomies!

On Friday, I do be thinkings that Katie Whippet been listening to too much Pink Floyd.  Because she Tried to jump up on top of a 4ft high wall.  Now Known as THE WALL. 

We beings quite astonished at her attempt - Mummy was just standings by the side of said WALL, and suddenly Katie decided that it needed jumping on, or over.  Needless to say, she did not be getting beyond the attempt, but, just for her to be doings somethings likes thatings, meanings her joints must be feelings soo much betters!

Not so much muddy or puddle now

We also havings to do the Muddy Puddle report - Mummy was going to do a video description, but there was a boat going through the lock the other side the hedge, and she be thinkings they would be thinking she be nutty - which would have been quite right, because she is very nutty!  So, we had to do settlings for photos instead!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sports Challenge - 10 meter Relay

Ooo, Hello, Katie Whippet here!

Mummy do be sayings, I am needings to do writings on the Blog because Grace has been taking overs agains!

I be doings my Pedigree Joint Care+ Challenge for week four and five of the trial.

Grace puppy had been playing ball in the back garden with Mummy, and I be doings goings out of the kitchen  and chasings her, then goings back into the kitchen.  I had been doing chasings twice, so Mummy had to be fetching the camera - who was having a rest plugged into the mains.

I do be saying, Grace Puppy can be quites annoyings at times! And I do be havings to be letting her knowings who is beings the boss around here!

I do be havings a secret weapon, that do be my Pedigree Joint Care+ treats.  She be thinkings I be gettings older, and I am still able to give her a run for her money!

Mummy do be sayings I am tending to be goings out in the garden more these days than I used to with Grace.  That is so I can be there when there are any cats that need evicting, as Grace would be tryings to make friends with them - I say, no, it is OKings to be doings likings of our cats, but not everyones elses!

I am beings better at doings bouncings and runnings over a short distance, so I only tend to play with her in the garden or house, because she is not as good at bouncing high, like on to sofas and beds as I am!  I have better acceleration than she does, but only over the short spaces like beings in the gardens. If we were set in a race, I would be doings very fast for the first 10 meter, then she would bes over takings me!  So, on walkings, unless there is somethings needings to being chasings, I tendings not to bother runnings with her, becausing, I am not been shown up by a mutt puppy!  She is very good at doings 'Cat Alert' in the gardens. although she be wantings to be doing making friends with them!

I did be doings suggestings to Hannah at Pedigree, that we be doings havings the Lazy dog category in the Pedigree Joint Care+ trial Challenge.  She said she would be doings thinkings about it.  So, just in cases, she is going to do that - me was thinkings I would get my entry in earlies! 

We be doings Muddy Puddle reportings todays - Grace provided evidence on Monday, that Muddy Puddle may look like he is doing dryings ups, but, it not beings the case, as she be comings backs with very muddy and very smelly paws!  So, be warned, looks can be deceptive!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Excitings & Pedigree Joint Care+ Trial Update

Ooo, Hello! Grace Puppy here!

You might be doings wonderings whys I do beings so Excited!

Firstly it beings very obvious from the weekendings, that Katie Whippet do be having a bounce in her step. Mummy bes saying this is downs to her Pedigree Joint Care+ Treat - which she be havings every mornings - but, Thomas also has to have a very tiny bits of it too!  He always asks Mummy, by inserting his points (claws) into Mummys leg!

On our walkings today, Mummy does be trying to do explainings about the difference in Katie Whippet.

It does be being difficults with Katie, because she is not a hound that does liking doing playings with toys.  She be doings play fightings with me, and she be doings chasings of Cats.  Butings, she not be likings waters or mud.  She never learn how to play when she was a puppy - so all you be doings in seeings her improvements is in her beings able to do walkings better and also be able to be doings trottings betweenings sniffings.

Mummy do be sayings the improvement is slight, but it is definitely there!


 Welling, what can I be sayings - the Second bit of excitements be for myself!

Mummy do be thinking because it has been dry for the past few days, that Muddy Puddle would be all dried up!  Well, I bes havings news for hers!

You do be noticing Katie did a bit of a bouncings too! Mummy nearly be doings fallings overs whilst filmings me, because she not be lookings where she be puttings her feet!


Do you be thinkings I will beings off my leadings tomorrows? It did not be lookings very much mud, but, Mummy said I be stinkings Puppy - and I do be havings to go in the baths to bes havings a showers!  But Mummy was not angry, she actually bes thinkings that is being quite funny that I remembers from 3 weeks ago!  Ooo, you's never forget a Muddy Puddle!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

'Playing Again' & Pedigree Joint Care +

Ooo, Good Afternoons, Katie Whippet here!

It do be excitings days, because I be chasing Grace arounds the Garden for the second day in a row!  This is because I do be feelings much betters in my legs!  I can do more bouncings!

I do do bouncings in the house quite a lot, but that beings because it is nice an soft in there and I can jump on the bed and sofa - but, I do not be doings much chasings out in the gardens, because, I have to do jumpings over plant pots and avoidings the bird feeder.

But, at the moment, I haves been doings two lots of playings with Grace one on Friday and one today, which is beings Saturdays.

(You do's bes seeings Thomas cat watchings us through the patios doors!) 

I do be putting it down to my Pedigree Joint Care+ Treat that I do be havings every days.

Mummy is really happy!

We have not beens to Muddy Puddle todays - but will pay him a visit tomorrows.

Afters doings watchings of  all that activity, Arthur Ferret be sayings it is all too much for hims and he does be doings sleepings!

i Pad and Garden Bouncings!

Ooooo, Hellos, Grace Wiggins Bolt Puppy here!

Do you be likings my Lympics name?

I am thinkings Katie be wantings to be gettings in  on the act of being Lympic Hound too!

I dos be Playings with my ball (Actually it is Katie's out of her Pedigree Joint Care+ Trial Pack, but, it is the only way she be doing playings, is if I am doing playings, and she wants to be gettings me!)

Mummy says, you always know when Katie is going to chase me, because her expression changes - look at the start of this video, and you can see, she be's looking very interested in her pray - ME!

When I beings small, and even more of a Puppy than I am beings now, Katie used to be able to knock me overs, but nows, she cannots bes doings that - and she gets frustrated, because she likes to be thinkings she is top dog.  She is, but don't be telling her, I told you that!

Watch this!

Mummy bes spending most of yesterdays playing around with new puter, which we hounds did be doings objectings too!

We did be goings for our walkings in the mornings, down to Muddy Puddle and doing our reportings - because we be good hounds, keepings you updated on a daily basis of Muddy Puddle's progressings!

Muddy Puddle is very small now, just mud basically, even the mud looks like it be dryings ups!  We hopings for a little rainings just to make sure he survives!

Then Mummy does be sayings she is goings out - and she be's closing the spare room door and the bath room door, and pulling the curtains in the living room (so Katie cannot see peeps at the bus stop, and do barkings at them)

We knew she had to be goings to the pet shop, becauseing she be sayings to Grans that she would get some cat foods and a Zoom Groom Brush, for their cat! Me do not be likings Grans cat, she be a nasty piece of work!

Anywayings, she goes out, and is beings gones for two hours!  We thinkings she got confused and gone doings workings!

She does be comings back with lots of bags, as she bes goings to Currys, Kennel Gate and Homebase! We's also nots too impressed as she bes buying cat food for Grans, but no treats for us! But then she brought tins of Chappie in, so thens we bes letting her off!

Then she bes opening boxes and plugging things in and making lunch, and typing on this flat pad thing in the kitchen!

Then she be watching Lympics, eating lunch and still be typings on this pad thing!

The Pad thing is getting more attention than us, so we do snoozings!  Then we do wakings ups, and she still typing on the pad thing - so I do barkings, to gos outsides!

We dos be goings outsides and she does be messing about with bits of wood making a fence for the edge of the lawn - we do snoozings in the garden.

Thens I be doings runnings arounds, because I be findings Katie's ball! Then I be doings bouncings and annoying Katie - Mummy comes out with her cup of tea and Katie joins in the bouncings! Mummys tea nearly does be goings flyings, because she be putting on the stool, and filmings us!

Mummy does be sayings, she be buying the i Pad so we can do our twitter and blogs on the move!  So, we be doings a postings yesterdays complaining about all our treat money being spent on something we cannot play with or eat!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Bang goes our treat money

It looks like that itch mummy needed to scratch, known as the iPad itch has been well and truly scratched. She has got one! Bang goes out treat money!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

How to mess up a Bed!

OOooo, Hellos, Grace Puppy here!

 I do be showings you hows to do messings ups of Beds - then I did talkings to Mummy, and Katie be sayings 'Don't be talkings to mummys likes thats'.  And she makes me do squeakings! By doings nippings!

We both be doings bouncings too!

Stalking, Srounging, Ambushing and Much More!

Ooo, Hello, Grace Puppy Here!

I's do be lovings chasings birds - I dos stalking thems, then trottings up, then gallopings.  Todays, I do be seeings a magpie on the path.  I do chasings!  But it was my chase! Katie got in on the act after I had done all the hard workings, of stalkings and then trottings - She just joined in for the chasings!

So, I be doings ambushing Katie!  I do be tryings to gets her back leg in my mouth!  I dos being get told off by Mummy!


But Mummy has been naught toos!

She pretends to be 'David Bellamy' and be doing filmings of the lesser spotted Uncle Alan!  Watering the tomatoes! (Note to Pedigree - She be havings far too much fun with this video camera - when would you like it back? - HeHe, then she will being havings to buy her owns!)  

She also dos takings photos of Katie looking very pretty with flowers!

But she alsos shows the other side of Katie, doings scrounging off Ice Cream cornet from Grans!  And Watchings of Grans looking in the Fridge!

I did be on my lead on the lawn, becausings I do be ables to do escapings from Grans Gardens and did be once doings chasings Cats, and found a hole in the hedge!  I found a new friend in a garden over the roads!(It being a very quiet road - it being a cul-de-sac, but that is not the point!)  So, ever sinces then I have not been allowed to do chasings and escapings and have to be on my very long leadings!

On the subject of leads, Mummy bes getting photos of me and Katie on our coupling leadings!

We did walkings to Muddy Puddle, and the report is, he still had water and mud, but is very small - we's be very sad becauseing, it do be lookings like he do be going to dry up over the next few days!  But, Mummy do be sayings, he will be back soon! So, we do be looking forwards to that!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

We say keep browsing safe!

We can check your plugins and stuff

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Cats! Cats! Cats!

As you be knowings, we be livings with two cats, Thomas and Yazz.  Thomas is a 1 year old, who be doings naughty things most of the times - but he does be having his uses, that is fly catching!  

Yazz cat is 5 years old and does be a little bit round (fat), but she be very loving, and likes to wash everyone!  She also be the boss of Thomas!  They both do be making Mummy laugh!

You will notice Yazz has a very 'expressive' tail wag! Until Thomas puts his paw on it!

We be liking our cats - but we be not liking other cats!  I Katie sees a cat out on the street she will do barkings at it! I will do whinings at it!  If we sees a cat in the garden, we both be doing chasings it, whining and barkings!

If you look back in our blog, you will be seeings 'The Nip Incident', and other stories about what happens when cats venture into our gardens.

Katie Trottings, Gallopings & How to frighten Mummy!

Ooo, Hellos, Grace Puppy here!

I do beings excited todays, I made Katie Whippet doings very fast trottings

Almost gallopings

But, Katie and I also did be doings running up to ducks, which went splash into the canal  when they saw us through the fence! - Mummy thought that I had got through the fence, and she thought it was me making the splash! (Katie Whippet would not have got her paws wet) She be sayings that she almost dropped the camera to come runnings to helps me, if I was in the canal!!!!! (Don't worry Pedigree - she would not have really dropped the Camera - she is having far too much fun with it!)

Collars and Leads

Ooo, Helloings.

Mummy thought it would be a good ideas to show you our specials Leads.  Becausings we beings about the sames size, we can be doing walkings on coupling leads.  Mummy be finding this out, when she did breakings her wrist in 2010.

But, a conventional coupling lead attachment was not very goods for us, becausings, we be likings to have a separate leadings in the car. Our seat belt attachments attach on to our leads, and alsos when we do jumping in and  out of the car we do likings to do it separately.  With a coupling lead this was nots possibles, as we were attached to each other, with just one lead attached to the coupling.

So, we do bes askings @ShannowDog who do be making leads and collars - to be helpings us, by makings two short attachments, with clips on one end and D rings on the others, so mummy beings able to clip a lead on to both D rings.  We have very short handle type leads which attach on to the D rings.  This is great, because mummy can have two of the handle leads, and use one when we are on the coupling, and keep the other one in her pocket, or attached to our harness.  Because the handle leads are so short, they do not cause any bother to carry or left dangling.

The leads come in to bits

They can bit joined

If mummy needs to put us on individual leads in the car, then all she has to do is attach a handle to each of the D rings and she be havings a normal lead.

Also, because Katie is sometimes naught when she be seeings another dog on our walkings, Mummy do be needings to be keepings her on a very short lead,  the lead handles are ideal for this - Katie is only naught with seeings other dogs when she be on the lead, and when she be on her 'patch', which is usually when we do little walkings for a sniff and a wee near home.

You can just use the short handle as a grab lead

If you be liking our leads and you be wanting to trys them, or if you would like a lead making to your own design or would like collars making to your own design. @ShannowDog on Twitter has lots of fantastic colours and patterns and would make them for yous.  We will me havings matching sets of house collars and special lead sets for all occasions now! Bang goes our treat money! But, as they say, 'You can never have too many leads or collars or coats or treats'

Monday, 6 August 2012

Sunny Monday (too early) Mornings

Ooo, Good Mornings - as you can see, we weres up very earlies this mornings to do our walkings!  In fact it was a little too earlies for mes!  We did be havings breakfast first, and Mummy had a cup of Chamomile tea! 

Grace Puppy did her 100m Usain Bolt Gold Medal impression!

I did trottings, and Mummy did be doings talkings!  I don't get paid enough to be a Movie Star! 

More news on Muddy Puddle:  He is looking smaller but still is quite muddy.  Grace still goes on her lead when we walk past.

Mummy wanted to show you the lock which is opposite (across the path from) Muddy Puddle.

Shes also likes the view down towards the Trent along the canal .

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Mucky Puppy Day!

Todayings we did do walkings with our lurcher friends! Loki, Eli, Shannow and Bizkit.

Now this might be a bit of a shock to peoples who do not be owning dog! But, we like to be rollings in Poo.

We went to field and Bizkit did do findings big cow poo! He did rollings in it, so we all went a long to watch,  then we did eatings it too!  Mummy was well disgusted!  But it be what we dogs do!

Bizkit was covered!

"He was more like a cow pat with dog on it" 

We also be doings going through, over and around fence - which proved to be a bit of a challenge for Eli - so we had to bes helping him! I am a bit frightened of the big Lurcher crowd, so I stayed with Mummy and Katie  - apart from when there was some poo to be investigated!

We thens be comings homes, and Mummy bes having dinner, and then she goes to the pet shop, so we stayed at home and watch Lympic tennis to be seeings Andy Murray be doing winnings Gold!

We do be liking Lympics and Team GB doings winnings Golds!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Does Grace 'Wiggins' Puppy ever get Tired?

Also including Photos of very big puddle and updates on muddy puddle
After yesterdays long walkings, Katie decided it was her day to do sniffings and take it easy on her walkings!

It does be appearing to be a big question on Twitter and generally, 'Does Grace 'Wiggins' Puppy ever get Tired?

The answer to that is a resounding 'NO!'

That beings why do be called 'Wiggins' Puppy!


Stop Press News.....

We have managed to get photos of Carsington Water - but not of us, because they were taken by a friend, and not Mummy, who, as we keep sayings, is so un-organised, she forgot to be doings chargings of camera thingy!

Even more Stop Press News.....

We be doings walkings right down to 'Muddy Puddle' to see how he is! He is fine, and looking very healthy, but, signs of drying up are appearings on the mud to the front of him - but it has just done some rainings, so we be hopings this help him stay muddy.

But, beings after alls thats even a 'Wiggins' Puppy needs to do some relaxings!