Katie and Grace

Hello, we are two sighthounds who like to blog and Tweet.

I am Katie Whippet - I am a brindle and white whippet, who likes to sleep and eat. I do have some duties, I keep the sofa safe, bark at the bin men, steal and hide shoes and help the puppy evict cats from our garden.

I am Grace Puppy - I am Grace Puppy - I am not actually a puppy any more, but, because I am young, Katie Whippet calls me puppy. I like to whine and play. My duties are keeping watch for cats in the garden.

We live with Mummy, and two cats, Yazz Cat and Tom Cat and like to tell everyone about what we are getting up to.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Merry Christmas !

Do you be seeings our special christmas card! Our Mummys 2nd cousin do be do be doings it a couple of years a goings now! We still like to be usings it! 

Sunday, 2 November 2014


We doings still beings here!

We do be havings new friends! 

They do be guinea pigs! 

They are greedy boys called Pigson and Teddy. 

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Another sad day.....

Oh noings!

It appears that we do only be doings postings when one of our friends do beings goings over the Rainbow Bridge.

We do be postings today in memory of Diesel, blue skinny hound, one of our twitter friends. He overcame lupus, sponsored through Greyhound Gap, to live with his humans. Unfortunately he do be gettings cancer, and today will cross Rainbow Bridge........

We do be helpings by donating to http://www.justgiving.com/blueskinnydog

We do be so sads again, after loosing David's Best Mate, we are now saying goodbye to yet another twitter friend.

Run free......

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sad Day

We do being very sad at the moments

If you follow us on Twitter you will be knowings the news that 'David's Best Mate', expert blogger, fundraiser, author, and friends to so many on Twitter and Facebook passed away on Friday 7th February 2014, he was 11 years old.

We do be knowings that David was a star amongst Greyhounds, and that his mummy was an exceptional lady.

That all we do be sayings, because we do gettings upsettings!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Pawly eye

If you follow me on Twitter, you will be knowing that I do be havings a pawly eye!  This pawly eye, caused me to break my tail!  Well, it had been causing me some discomfort and worrying Mummy for a long while.  It had been being producing a sticky discharge, and the vet do be thinking it was conjunctivitis. I had one set of drops, they did not make any impression at all.  I had another set of drops - then broke my tail, so mummy was more worried about my tail than my eye - and I don't think she applied them properly!  So, I carry on with a pawly eye - mummy kept bathing it - It did not get any worse, but it did not get any better!

Mummy decided I do be goings back to the vets agains!  I was very worried, because I did do breaking my tail last times.  I did do goings, and vet man did do givings us some more drops - which we had befores - but, although mummy applied them twice a day, for 7 days - I still had pawly eye - their was a lot of discharge coming out too.  Mummy was very worried - and did do research on the internet.  She did do findings that it could be down to inadequate tear production.  

Mummy did do taking me back to the vets thinking I would have to have an investigation into my pawly eye.  She said to the vet that her research had suggested inadequate tear production, he did do sticking something in my pawly eye.  He said that I did have inadequate tear production, but it was in both eyes.  He said that could be part of the problem.  He gave mummy some steroid drops for me, and told mummy to apply the other drops too.

So, I have lots of poking in my eye. At one point my eye did do swellings ups! But, it does feel better and I can be doings openings it properly nows!

Mummy is happier with it - she says it do not look so bloodshot - she has become an expert in the inside of my eye and my eyeball!  The discharge is still there, but it is clear.  

I do be hopings this be the last time I have to do goings to the vets.  But, no such luck! Mummy has booked us in for our booster injections next week! Oh no! 

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Who let the cat out?

          Thomas cat
Thomas cat has started to go outsides! He beings very norty, he did do catchings three birds! The first one was a robin, which he left in the kitchen! Mummy was repulsed and very upset.  He then got a blackbird - but at this point, we did not know who was catching them - it could have been Yazz.  Mummy was in the back garden one day, and Thomas was under the Boston Ivy which stretches the whole length of the garden - she heard him moving about, then he shot out with a starling in his mouth, she tried to get to the back door before he did - but, no, he was in the house, and under the coffee table, growling with this bird.  Mummy got a tea towel and managed to flick it at him.  He ran off, without the bird - which was not deceased.  Mummy had to remove the bird.

Mummy said, now she knew who it was, she would be getting him a collar with a bell on it.  But, did not expect it to stay on him more than a hour.  So, she bought him a very nice black one with white spots - and a very large bell!  He did not object to having it put on! Much to mummy's surprise.  It has stayed on too.  But he does now have two bells on !

No more birds have been caught since, so the bells are working! Mummy now even thinking about having cat proof fencing installed, this would stop Thomas going under the ivy too!